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Co-existing with Sharks
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The O.R.C.A. Shark Deterrent
Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus


  • AFFORDABLE: only $179

  • Effective Range of up to 100 Feet (30m)
  • 12 Hour Battery Life (Re-Chargeable)
  • Size and Weight of a Large Watch
  • Adjustable Strap for Wrist or Ankle
  • Easy One Button Operation
  • $1,000,000 No Bite Guarantee


Sharks are Amongst the World's Most Feared Predators

NB-LEO-ELLENJust ask Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • There are over 400 species of sharks
  • Sharks are a keystone species – essential to life on Earth
  • Humans are wired to fear potential predators like sharks
  • Shark’s biggest threat is our fear.


Americans who believe sharks are dangerous to humans
...think shark numbers are "just right" or "too high"
...think sharks don't need protection
Chance of being bitten by a shark: 1 in 11.5 Million
Estimated decline in shark population since the 1970's
Shark species considered "at risk" or "endangered"

Sources: The National Aquarium, Baltimore  | National Geographic | Sharks.org | Science Magazine | Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science

Fear can Lead to Irrational Behavior

Several fatal shark attacks in three years prompted Western Australia to re-instate shark culling.

  • Sharks over 3m (10ft) in length were shot in the head
  • During the 1960′s & 70′s, Hawaii culled over 4,500 sharks
  • There is no evidence that shark culling reduces attacks
  • Removing the apex predator can severely affect eco-systems

“He who overcomes his fears will truly be free.”


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

Fear Exists. Let’s Get Comfortable.

What do Sharks Fear?

Big sharks only have ONE natural predator…

  • Killer whales are the ocean’s most powerful predator
  • They hunt in organized pods and develop unique strategies to target specific prey
  • While hunting, they flip sharks upside down – paralyzing them
  • Sharks have been documented fleeing entire areas due to the presence of killer whales

The ORCA Shark Deterrent

The world’s first wearable SONIC CAMOUFLAGE device.

Backed by several decades of research, and in development for about a year, this advanced shark deterrent technology provides a solution to the worldwide fear of sharks, allowing beachgoers to fully enjoy the ocean.

The ORCA utilizes patent pending Sonic Camouflage technology—effectively transforming the user into something sharks are unlikely to investigate.

How it Works

The ORCA emits sonic waves that emulate killer whales.

  • Hearing is a shark’s main and most acute sensory perception
  • Sound travels up to five times faster underwater than on land
  • The ORCA creates a sonic buffer around the user of about 100 feet (30m)


Maui, Hawaii

The ORCA development team is made up of ocean lovers 100% based on Maui, one of Hawai’i’s main islands.

  • In 2013, Maui was ground zero for shark attacks around the world, with eight confirmed incidents, two of them fatal.
  • We are committed to keep as much of the production process on island as possible.
  • The ORCA team includes Doctors in marine biology specialized in sharks and whales, advanced level engineers, successful entrepreneurs and talented designers.



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